Installation guide

Do not use battery-powered, electric or pneumatic tools.

Take 4 aluminum plates, 4 bolts, and 4 nuts.

Insert the bolts into the 2 square holes in the top of the Trampwheelline.

Add a plate on the other side of the post and tighten with the nuts using a 13mm wrench (not included).

Don't overtighten just yet.

Install the Tramproueline approximately 2 inches off the ground.

Repeat these steps for the other 2 holes.

Tighten each nut (alternating regularly) until the pad takes on a rounded shape. Be careful not to bend the opposite structure of the Trampoline by forcing too much.

The stationary wheel should be parallel to the horizontal part of the trampoline leg. Adjust as needed.

Repeat exactly the same steps for the 2nd Trampwheelline .

It is normal for you to have one handle on the inside and another on the outside. Refer to the plan to see on which leg of the trampoline to install the Trampwheelline.