Lift the black handle with your hand to unlock the Trampwheelline. Press down on the aluminum footrest with your foot, this will lift the trampoline.

Do not press down on the top of your trampoline with your hand.

Make sure the mechanism is fully engaged.

Repeat the same steps for the 2nd mechanism.

Move your trampoline by pulling it (easier) or pushing it to the desired location.

In order to close the Trampwheelline press lightly on the footrest, then pull with your hand on the designated removable part.

Lower the trampoline slowly, keeping light pressure with your foot.

Push the Trampwheelline to put it back in the closed position.

You may have to lift the black handle with your hand.

Repeat this step for the 2nd Trampwheelline.

You should store the system in the fall to maintain its efficiency and longevity.